Electricity from water
About Our Company at PowerPal

Since starting the business in 1998 with the PowerPal Low Head model we have seen many improvements and innovations to the point where PowerPal is now sold in over 80 countries spanning all continents. Having strong links to private, government and research institutes in different countries has helped us to help you better.

As our business grows, so does our commitment to ensuring that the highest standards of workmanship and quality control are met at all times. We realize that PowerPal is often a major investment for our customers, whether it is for a single 200W generator for a farmer in Asia or a larger turbine to supply power to a small remote community settlement. Our aim is to provide reliable and robust solutions that are competitively priced and do what they're supposed to do - bring you the power where you need it.

We hope you find what you are looking for here and will be pleased to hear from you.
mini hydro electric generators

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