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PowerPal now offers a comprehensive range of crossflow (Banki) turbines with power outputs on the shaft up to about 50kW. These compact and robust turbines can accommodate heads as low as about 8m and flow rates in the range of 50 to 250 liters/second. We request that the potential client submits the specific parameters of head and flow rate at the proposed site, and we will then select the most suitable model from our extensive range. We do leave all the electrical components to the clients so that they can equip the turbine in a manner that most closely matches their local needs.

These turbines have wide appeal because of their small size, reliability, and simplicity to install, service, and equip. One installation of particular note took place in western Kenya where a 35kW crossflow turbine was installed in the intake of a regional water treatment plant. The complete system now generates enough electricity to satisfy the entire power requirements of the plant (pumps, lighting, etc.), thereby effectively defining the project as having a carbon-free footprint.

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