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PowerPal's Mill Series is designed to re-equip old mill sites as electricity generating stations for the owners' personal use and also for the resale of any excess power into the local grid. As these sites generally combine relatively low heads with quite generous flow rates, the preferred turbine designs employed are semi-kaplan propeller turbines with either fixed or adjustable guide vanes, the latter to accommodate seasonal changes in flow rate. The intake design can either be of the open flume or forced pipe style.

As in the case of the crossflow turbines, the choice of the accompanying electrical components, and possible grid connections, is left to the client. We do ask the client for accurate measurements of head and flow rate from the proposed site so that our engineers can recommend the most appropriate turbine. The power output off the shaft can be anywhere from 4kW up to about 50kW.

Successful installations have been made in Spain, Belgium, France, Austria and the UK, and the demand is increasing as the cost of domestic electricity in these countries continues to grow.

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