Electricity from water
PowerPal Product Line

The PowerPal Product Line ranges from the small and transportable Low Head unit to much greater and larger Turbines. Use the links to the right to discover which Generator model suits your needs.

PowerPal Low Head a unit that produces 200W to 1000W of AC power.

PowerPal High Head a small unit that produces 200w to 500w of AC power from streams with lower flows in hilly terrain.

PowerPal T1 and T2 Turgo generates from 660W to 2kW from steeper terrain with moderate flows

PowerPal T5 Turgo Generates from 2kW to 5kW from sites with moderate flows and somewhat higher heads.

PowerPal T8 and T16 Turgo Larger but still compact, the power output on the turbine shaft is between 5.9kW and 20 kW. Designed for sites with moderate stream flows in steeper terrain.

PowerPal Crossflow (Banki) Series comprises a wide range of compact, yet powerful turbines that can accommodate heads from as low as 8m, and low to moderate flow rates. We leave all the electricals up to the client.

PowerPal Mill Series are designed to equip old mills and similar sites with low head - high flow semi-kaplan propeller turbines with outputs on the shaft up to about 50kW. Electric components are supplied by the client to suit his own needs.

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