Electricity from water
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PowerPal T5 Turgo
Model: MHG-T5
Power Outputs: 2kW - 4.5kW
(Available only in 220v and 50hz)

The PowerPal T5 Turgo Series is another simple system consisting of a turbine with generator attached. Generator power output is from 2kW to 4.5kW depending on head and flow.

All or part of the stream flow is diverted through a 15cm diameter steel penstock pipe and down to the turbine. The flow then escapes and is carried away along a drainage trench. Output voltage and frequency are controlled by our electronic load controller (with ballast).

This Turgo Series is compact and easy to install by anyone with a practical nature. It is the most suitable choice for medium-head sites that fall between the Powerpal T1 & T2 and T8 & T16 range.

PowerPal T8 and T16 Turgo

Water head H
Water Flow Q
36.2 l/sec
42 l/sec
45.6 l/sec
50 l/sec
Turbine output
2.8 KW
4.2 KW
5.55 KW
6.25 KW
Generator output
2 KW
3 KW
4 KW
4.5 KW

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