Electricity from water
Where PowerPal Units are Used

PowerPal products are now located in over 80 countries worldwide. When we first started to produce PowerPal we had no idea that you would welcome us into your villages, camps and indeed your homes the way you have.

Whether it be for lighting a schoolhouse for the Mapuche people in the Chilean Andes, for powering an ecotourism resort in New Zealand or in Malaysian Borneo, for electrifying rural villages in Vietnam, the Philippines and countless other places, for rejuvenating an old mill house in France or in Spain to open a travelers hostel, or for running isolated or holiday cabins in North America, PowerPal has been there.
PowerPal Electricity from water
Now that we are able to offer quite a range of new micro-hydro products we hope that you will welcome us once more and that we can be of even greater service.

While we do indeed sell nuts and bolts, capacitors and wires, we think we can sell something more. Carlos Bonifetti in Chile put it like this: we sell smiles per kilowatt. And that is what we try to do.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all for your trust and belief in us over the years since we started making and marketing micro-hydro products. We'll continue to provide the same if not better quality of service and will look forward to your comments and news.

With best wishes to you all,
David and Bang.

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